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Solar Hot water

Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water Systems

Heating your domestic water with a solar water heating system helps you save significantly on energy bills and reduces tons of greenhouse emissions annually. In addition to being green you save thousands as a result of lower energy bills, rebates, tax credits and other available financial incentives.

Green Energy EPC offers Active solar water heating systems for residential use. Based on your usage and need we shall design and install a solar water heating system that is right for you. Our solar water heating systems last an average of 25 years and require little maintenance and come with a 10 year workmanship warranty and covers all manufacturer's warranties. You will have years of savings in energy bills and hot water and also the feeling of being environmentally friendly.
Active Solar Water Heating Systems
Active solar water heaters use pumps, often powered by a solar electric panel, to circulate water or heat-transfer fluid through heat-absorbing solar thermal collectors.
Open-Loop Active Systems
All open-loop solar water heating systems are direct systems as water travels through the solar collectors. They are called active systems because the circulation of water through the solar collectors is accomplished by a small circulation pump (often powered by a solar electric panel) installed on the roof beside the hot water collectors. The solar pump is activated by a differential temperature sensor. The solar-heated water is stored in a storage tank that connects to the existing gas or electric water heater. As hot water is used, the preheated water is pumped into the conventional heater.

The solar collectors and feed lines are protected from freezing by automatic drain down controls which allows the water in the pipes and panels to safely fall back out of the solar collectors and feed pipes.
Closed-Loop Active Systems
All closed-loop solar water heating systems are classified as indirect systems because the sun heats some type of solar fluid and that heat is transferred to the potable water within the solar storage tank (heat exchanger).  The term “closed-loop” refers to the solar exchange fluid being closed-off from the external atmosphere or isolated from the potable water. In a closed-loop system the heated solar fluid is pumped through the solar collectors. The solar fluid flows through a copper or stainless steel heat exchanger located near the solar storage tank. The heat from the fluid is then transferred to the potable water within the solar storage tank. A small circulator pump may be used to circulate the water through the potable side of the heat exchanger.
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