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Solar Electric

Solar Electric

Solar Electric Systems

The three most common types of solar-electric systems that Green Energy EPC designs are grid-tied, grid-tied with battery backup, and off-grid (stand-alone). Each has distinct applications and component needs.

Grid-Tied Solar-Electric Systems
Also known as on-grid or utility interactive (UI), grid-tied solar-electric systems operate in parallel with and is connected to the electric utility grid. The generated solar electricity offsets a portion of the power needed from the utility, resulting in lower electricity bills. These systems are the simplest and least-expensive PV systems. They use a bi-directional meter (Net Meter) interface with the utility at the distribution panel. When the PV system does not produce enough power to meet system loads, additional power is imported from the utility. If there is an excess of PV power, the excess power is fed back (exported) to the grid.
Grid-Tied Solar-Electric Systems with Battery Backup
Without a battery bank or generator backup for your grid-tied system, when a blackout occurs, your household will be in the dark too. To keep critical loads in operation (like some lights, a refrigerator, freezer, a well pump, or computer) even when utility power outages occur, many homeowners choose to install a grid-tied system with battery backup.
Off-Grid Solar-Electric Systems
Although they are most common in remote locations without utility grid service, off-grid solar-electric systems can work anywhere. These systems operate independently from the grid to provide all of a household’s electricity. That means no electric bills and no blackouts—at least none caused by grid failures
Net Metering
Is a metering arrangement where any excess energy produced by your PV system and exported to the utility is subtracted from the amount of energy imported from it. Using this system, energy supplied to the utility from a PV system is effectively credited to the customer at full retail value.
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