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Architects & Engineers

Architects & Engineers

Green Energy EPC engineers and professionals routinely work with and advise architects and engineers in designing and incorporating renewable energy systems into their projects. Our knowledge and experience with the vast product lines and features, including the newest, state of the art technologies as well as legacy systems allow us to provide expert advice about products, features, cost, installation procedures, retrofits, specifications and performance.

We regularly advise civil engineering professionals during project design phase on what to and how to incorporate solar electric and solar hot water systems, as well as during development and construction.

Solar Users

Green Energy EPC engineers and professionals provide consultation and advice to residential home owners, small to mid-sized business owners, agriculturists and people in general about solar energy systems that would suit or meet their needs. These are mostly free, no-obligation advice and suggestions.

Solar Professionals & Startups

Green Energy EPC encourages solar energy professionals to excel in their professional pursuits. We sometimes allow new professionals to volunteer on our projects to gain hands-on experience and knowledge. Green Energy EPC also helps solar energy startups by helping them and advising them with project management strategies, material and equipment procurement and other technical aspects.

It is our wish and motto to spread the Green word and Green philosophy!
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