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Solar Electric

Solar Electric (PV) COMMUNITY

Harnessing sunlight to build a green society
Community Solar is defined as a solar-electric system that, through a voluntary program, provides power and/or financial benefit to, or is owned by, multiple community members.

Community energy carries all the environmental, economic, and other benefits of clean energy with a distinct advantage. A review of research by Northwest SEED suggests that community energy projects deliver 2-5 times the economic benefits of projects built by out-of-state investors. And, in places that import electricity from outside the area, community energy can also keep utility dollars in the community, with multiplier benefits for the local economy. Community energy provides distributed generation, with associated benefits such as increased system reliability and resilience, lower peak power requirements, minimal transmission requirements and reduced line losses.

Community solar is appealing in part because, despite broad interest among the public in solar energy, most people don’t have the ability to install solar PV on their own property. Community solar projects address this barrier by decoupling solar PV investment from on-site generation. Owners of community solar contribute funds to pay for a portion of a project, and reap benefits proportional to their investment. Community solar projects can be installed on the property of one of the project owners, on a separate private site, or on a shared location, such as local or state government property. Owners can include renters, homeowners, local businesses, even utilities.

Green Energy EPC is committed to providing with the best community system design. We approach every project with a focus on quality, performance, aesthetics, cost, and engineering. Each project is handled with unique perspective and integrity. Ingenuity, an eye for solutions, commitment and cost makes Green Energy EPC the obvious choice for solar energy services.
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